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Have You Forgotten to Eat at The Table You Set? Why Negotiation Matters in Your Day-to-Day Work

What if your inability to persuade and influence the right people led to a crisis that resulted in thousands of sick kids and in deaths that were thought to be linked to that crisis? In our chief of staff peer group meetings this summer, I have been asking participants to read this article on how […]

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How chiefs of staff help companies do “big data” right

I recently had the privilege of hearing a terrific presentation about “big data,” by Michael Kauffman of BigNimble, in a room of Seattle-area business leaders. In addition to making many excellent points about how data get used and how more and more companies are starting to adopt sensible approaches to using data in new ways, […]

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Part 4 – How a business coach helps people discover new ways of doing things, or being, differently

You’ve heard the quip: insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Can you relate? Is there something in your life that you’ve tried to change but just can’t seem to? Or, a work or relational problem you keep running into that tempts you to point the finger at others […]

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Part 3 – How a business coach provides accountability and outside perspective that almost nobody else can

I have always looked forward to my performance reviews, because I thought that at least once a year, I would get honest feedback about my performance. Having spent 8 years in the US Marine Corps Reserve, I have taken to heart the USMC leadership principle, “Know yourself and seek self-improvement.” I enjoy looking through the […]

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